5 tips for writing a winning resume

The CV or curriculum vitae is the winning weapon for finding a job. It will allow you to set foot in the potential employer’s room and make (hopefully) a good impression. So, even if we all know more or less how to write a curriculum vitae, it is useful to repeat some tips and tricks to make it stand out among many, adding a touch of personality.

Follow these 5 tips and you will have your CV at the top of the CV list!

1. Adapt it

You will probably not apply for the marketing internship and barista positions at the same time, but even before sending it for similar roles, adapt it to each individual job.

However, you don’t need to rewrite it! The trick is to create an original copy, containing the list of everything you have done, learned and achieved, to be quickly modified from time to time. make your CV really successful, change the order of skills and achievements, highlighting those most relevant to the position you are applying for.

2. Become part of the solution

Don’t ask what the employer can do for you, rather what you can do for him!

Then add an introductory sentence or two at the beginning of the resume, which instead of telling the employer what he already knows (that you want the job and that you have the necessary qualifications), tell him who you are, your passions (something inherent to the position you are applying for) and how you can contribute to the success of his company. Make sure the introduction is short, direct and personal.

Tip: Make it stand out by changing the font color (for example, using gray instead of black) or writing it in italics. Don’t overdo the formatting and keep your CV always clean and professional!

5 tips to edit your resume like an expert - Resume & Cover Letters - Monsterindia.com

3. Highlight your skills

First enter your experiences and after your training, because even if the academic qualifications are important, what really characterizes you are the experiences, skills and goals you have reached up. This also applies if you have just graduated, because a possible part-time job, an internship or volunteer activity has certainly contributed to making you a responsible person who knows how to plan, program and organize.

Tip: Make sure your experiences and training sections have clear headings. Again, it’s important to point out that a clean, well-structured CV, with headings and bullet points, makes it easier to read and increases the likelihood that someone will read it and invite you to an interview.

4. Emphasize your “soft skills”

An important thing you need to be able to include useful skills in your CV are certainly trips abroad made during or after the training period, especially if, for example, you have lived in another country to study a language or do Volunteering. Thus, all at once you can demonstrate organizational skills, better communication skills and a willingness to overcome obstacles. You will be considered independent, flexible, able to solve problems creatively and to move in multicultural environments!

Tip: If you love to travel and discover new cultures, write it in the introduction and enter all your experiences abroad in the experience and / or education section. This is particularly important if you are applying for a job abroad or in a multinational company.

5. Once you have the list, check it twice

Use our shortlist to make sure your personalized, results-centric, soft skills-rich resume reaches the top of the resume stack:

  • Choose a classic font, available in everyone’s font library. Arial or Helvetica are a winning choice.
  • Choose a readable font-size: small words are eye-catching and do not lead to interviews.
  • Leave some blank space: increase the readability and makes the resume more professional.
  • Use the bulleted list: you’re not writing a novel, but a description of your accomplishments.
  • Check spelling and grammar: don’t errors are allowed! Before sending it, then have a friend, your mother or father re-read your CV (stupid mistakes don’t make a good impression!).
  • Save and send your CV in PDF format. Anyone can read a PDF and its format, unlike a Word document, remains intact.

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